lenne。 • レン (soothingmelody) wrote in ffdressing,
lenne。 • レン

[ Lenne doesn't know where she is or why she's here. But somehow, it doesn't matter. There are people here, who are far more distressed than she. And she's going to put them at ease. Why? Because as both a singer and a summoner, it's her job. What she loves to do.

So have a pretty brunette songstress in a futuristic outfit singing a song. :3 ]

I dream, there's nothing that's too tough
There's nothing that's hard enough
For me and you, to get through
And I know, that with your hand in mine
There's not a goal, we can't reach in time

Life can bring us down, you see
Sometimes it's been our destiny
But I foresee, possibilities
For you and me, ohh
I can hold the faith, I know
That will see us through, it all
Tags: final fantasy 10-2, lenne
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