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Mar. 6th, 2009


(no subject)

{It Seem's their's a new female lurking the hallways. She also seems to be lost and confused at the same time. Hopefully the enemies that were after her weren't here.}

Where am i exactly ? Where's Snow and lightning ?

{Soon, She ovserved the radiant halls of the dressing room. Their seemed to be some fancy rugs and vases and such surrounding her. She slowly, poked a vase that happened to be on her way.}

I wonder. . what this is!

{Hopefully her curiosity didn't get her in danger.}


...and watch all the anons go "Oh *#(@, no, not THAT wank."

[So. Gambler meets dressing room.


He's confused, obviously: last Setzer knew, the sky was orange, the ground a sickly brown, and a large looming tower of doom was over that-a-way. (While the dressing room was many things, it wasn't quite...that. That is distinctive.) This was not the World of Ruin...and somehow that didn't trouble him too much. Well, mysteriously finding himself in a new strange place aside.

And so it was that he said to no one in particular...]

I don't suppose someone could tell me where I could find a pair of wings.

Mar. 5th, 2009


(no subject)

[Cloud walks in... and looks around, confused. Because this isn't Nibelhiem, this can't be Nibelhiem. He knows what Nibelhiem looks like, and it doesn't look like this. And it's not every day you get randomly transported to another demension.]


[The question is, what is this place?]


Thunder day.

[The electricity elemental Aeon was upset. No, it wasn't like Ixion wasn't used to have his peaceful existence shattered upon landing here, not after having been summoned for countless battles against unimaginable enemies, but neither was he used to spending so long awake, so long without returning to the sleep as he always did after the summoner's wishes had been fulfilled. Aeons served one purpose, those of  serving for moments only to disappear again afterwards and Ixion definitely hadn't ever spent as long on earth as he was doing now. It was upsetting.

He shifted, dragging one of his feet across the dirty, digging a line on it while deep in thought. Trying to live in such a place, especially with others that didn't seem to know what Aeons are would be difficult...but there was Yuna, he'd seen her. Ixion whined loudly at the thought, raising on his back legs on impulse and making a crack of thunder land on the strangely shaped horn. He's journey through the world with necessary, and find more aeons - yes, he needed to do so. Where were Valefor, Ifrit, Shiva, Bahamut....? Those whom he'd shared his space while serving the summoner. If they were here, Ixion would find them.

And started running, white mane flowing behind him, lightning enveloping his striped body as flashed across the land, as fast as thunder for the first few moments before slowly down to a far slower, acceptable, speed.]

[ooc: I needed to post with him >8 Feel free to bother.]



This wasn't Edge. This wasn't even the edge of Edge. Heck, this didn't even look like Midgar. He frowned, glancing around gracefully-- and by gracefully, I mean that he was practically all over the place and cursing like a sailor.

The most important thing he questioned, though, was not why he was here, or where here was, or whether or not there was a way to return; oh no. He simply asked himself where the nearest bar was, and whether or not Rude was still behind him.

Because it would suck if Rude had somehow vanished on his way to... well, here, wherever here is.

EDIT: ((Reno-mun has to go and reply to tags, dammit. Be back soon. :O Keep tagging with each other, don't mind my awayness.~))

Mar. 4th, 2009


Nero wants to appear~

[Dead. He was dead. He could feel the hand of the only person that he ever loved in his stomatch. The cold of the floor in his back and the sound of his wings broke as he felt.
Everthing was pointless now. Everthing was getting dark, and it wasn't the darkness he was used to see. The darkness he was always using to make every single person feel those awful feelings.

He opened his eyes, and realizes he was in another place. He wasn't cold and he felt alive again. He looked around trying to see what was happening, but there weren't any answer.

His wings were back to him, and his darkness was with him once more. And he wasn't sure if he was dead or not.]


Mar. 3rd, 2009


Have an Ultimecia?

[Ultimecia paused. This was not her castle. This was not the future. It didn't look like any past she'd seen through stolen eyes either. What it did look like was a magical demesne that she did not control. Unacceptable!]

Where is this place? Kome out, whatever roaches hide in these shadows.

Mar. 2nd, 2009

₪Somedays I'm a superbitch



[Mika has found herself in an area of Midgar she was not familiar with. Hmm, the slums where always so strange. The Turk shoulders her shotgun and looks around before pulling out her PHS and hitting a button on the speed dial. Head titled to the side as she looks around.]

Hey! What the hell is with-- [oh wait, the line's dead. This wasn't good.]

Pfft, and I thought we had the good kind of cell phones...Now what the hell is this place?

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