But with nothing to consider, Bursting

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[Cissnei is currently in the nexus gym, sitting crosslegged on one of the wrestling mats in a pair of workout shorts and a T-shirt. At the moment she's pulling as much of her hair back as she can and waiting for Zack to show up. She had promised to teach him about pressure points, after all...But he's late!]

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[The Dressing Room's resident Chocobo is wandering around down the streets when all of a sudden it spots a rather large, colorful egg off to the side, curious, it moves over and looks at it before finally pecking at the egg lightly.

and much to it's suprise, it cracks open and shoots streamers at him!]


[The chocobo stomps on the egg then flees, ignoring the rest of the eggs. If the humans wanted to play with them, fine!]

(ooc: Basically, you find an egg and something random and preferably lulzy happens. Maybe one splatters green paint on you? Has a coupon for free drinks at the bar? Go nuts)

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[Right. So maybe she should have been concerned. Or, well, at least a little concerned. It wasn't everyday that you just got pulled from the Lifestream, after all. Maybe the sudden freedom was more like an invitation to do some exploring or something. Yeah, that's what it was.

So that's what Jessie's doing right about now. Exploring. Checking out this weird place that she's pretty sure she's never been to before but is most likely not going to complain about.]

Huh. This is different.

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They rang across the courtyard loudly. ((Yes, we have a courtyard now, didn't you get the memo?))
A single figure, dressed entirely in black, a hood obscuring his face observed the activities around, the leather creaking ever so lightly with each motion.

Organization XIII had come to - Oh, wait, that's my slash fic.

((-scribbles can be heard in the background-))

Ah, here we are.

Not footsteps, but rather, maniacal laughter rang across the courtyard ((Cause we still have one.))

"Hmm... this little place has too much boring and not enough burning." the man, dressed rather brightly, said with a cruel smile.

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[The dressing room's resident Chocobo, or Kweh, as Reno has named him, is wandering along chirping happily to itself what sounds suspiciously like it's own theme song when suddenly, it smells something very delicious. Pausing, the chocobo cranes its neck and starts off toward the familiar smell. It comes upon what seems to be a large building that, for lack of a better word, is a community kitchen. The chocobo trills happily as it finds some greens in the trough outside and immediately dives into it.]

Wark! Wark!

((=3 You guys don't have to interact with the chocobo, but from this point forward, the Dressing room will start spawning things that the people in it actually need such as apartments, grocery stores, clothing shops, etc etc.))

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[ He's slumped over, apparently sleeping on a random stretch of ground.  For a while, he appears almost peaceful, but then he starts to mutter in his sleep and fidget slightly.  Finally, he starts to stir, and after taking a moment to try to blink most of the sleep out of his eyes, he starts to stiffly push himself up, giving a stretch.

Yawning, he tries to shake off the rest of the grogginess, blinking and
finally noticing something's wrong.

definitely wasn't where he fell asleep.  Pushing himself to his feet, joints popping with stiffness, he puts a hand up to shield his eyes, rotating around for a better look of his surroundings, trying to see if he recognizes anything. ]

Oh brother.  Not again.

[ Giving an irritated sigh, he flops back down to the ground, sitting cross-legged and pushing his palms into his eyes with a groan. ]

Give me a break.

sad, Disappointed

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*And here's an Aerith, finding herself in some place she doesn't know. Perhaps the surprising thing is she's wearing rather dark clothes.*

...this is not the Dark Area.

*Checks her bag.*

No D-comm or anything, so I've left the Digital World? The voice is still faint, so this isn't the lifestream.

*A sad look comes crosses her face.*

And not home either. So I've been kidnapped to yet another place I don't know.

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{It Seem's their's a new female lurking the hallways. She also seems to be lost and confused at the same time. Hopefully the enemies that were after her weren't here.}

Where am i exactly ? Where's Snow and lightning ?

{Soon, She ovserved the radiant halls of the dressing room. Their seemed to be some fancy rugs and vases and such surrounding her. She slowly, poked a vase that happened to be on her way.}

I wonder. . what this is!

{Hopefully her curiosity didn't get her in danger.}