damn_shoopuf (damn_shoopuf) wrote in ffdressing,

[ He's slumped over, apparently sleeping on a random stretch of ground.  For a while, he appears almost peaceful, but then he starts to mutter in his sleep and fidget slightly.  Finally, he starts to stir, and after taking a moment to try to blink most of the sleep out of his eyes, he starts to stiffly push himself up, giving a stretch.

Yawning, he tries to shake off the rest of the grogginess, blinking and
finally noticing something's wrong.

definitely wasn't where he fell asleep.  Pushing himself to his feet, joints popping with stiffness, he puts a hand up to shield his eyes, rotating around for a better look of his surroundings, trying to see if he recognizes anything. ]

Oh brother.  Not again.

[ Giving an irritated sigh, he flops back down to the ground, sitting cross-legged and pushing his palms into his eyes with a groan. ]

Give me a break.

Tags: final fantasy 10, jecht
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