kfchocobo (kfchocobo) wrote in ffdressing,

[The dressing room's resident Chocobo, or Kweh, as Reno has named him, is wandering along chirping happily to itself what sounds suspiciously like it's own theme song when suddenly, it smells something very delicious. Pausing, the chocobo cranes its neck and starts off toward the familiar smell. It comes upon what seems to be a large building that, for lack of a better word, is a community kitchen. The chocobo trills happily as it finds some greens in the trough outside and immediately dives into it.]

Wark! Wark!

((=3 You guys don't have to interact with the chocobo, but from this point forward, the Dressing room will start spawning things that the people in it actually need such as apartments, grocery stores, clothing shops, etc etc.))
Tags: !event post, chocobo, final fantasy: all
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[Yuna seems to have found her way to the kitchen as well. With a smile she approaches the happy Chocobo and strokes it's neck.]

Hello there again.